name: wyatt
prns: he/him
zodiac: gemini
MBTI: ISTP, engineer
interest: ndrv3
alignment: chaotic evil
art credit: here!

hi, i'm wyatt and i love new danganronpa v3 (ndrv3) with my entire soul. i breathe it in for air to survive. i also really love kingdom hearts i would literally die for everyone in that game except for xehanort. fuck you.
i love my friends a lot i'd kiss their beautiful faces and tell them i love them because you guys are so good to me even though my humor is really fucked and i cant stop talking about ndrv3 and kh. never is there a day where i dont say the words danganronpa or kingdom hearts out loud. my love is undying also on oct. 22, 2017 at 3:01 am i lost all my fucking reaction pictures. i am burning.
ouma kokichi
naoya toudou